Unsold Items Pickup & Donation

Shortly after the sale is completed, we will have your unsold items available for pickup. Our Sale Schedule lists the time you may begin arriving to pickup your unsold items.

A few housekeeping notes

  • You or a designated individual can pick up your items. You will be asked for this information at check-in. In the event of emergency or extenuating circumstance, please notify Little Duckling Sale prior to pickup via texting 352-537-8324 with the following information. 
    • Your name
    • Consignor number
    • Your phone number
    • Name of delegate
    • Delegate phone number
  • Sorry, no early pickups are permitted
  • In the event that you or your delegate does not arrive during pickup, your unsold items will be donated.

What to bring with you

  • Your unsold item report. Available to print (view on your phone) after 2pm the final day of the sale.
  • If you have unsold furniture, please bring tools to if you need to disassemble your items. Little Duckling Sale is not able to provide tools for you.
  • Containers (totes, bags, et cetera) to carry your unsold items

What to do once you arrive for pickup

  • You will be greeted and instructed to visit the different sizing and staging areas around the venue to claim your items. 
  • If you attended a hanger pick-up you will need to remove any remaining hangers from your items.
  • Lastly, you will visit a Check-out table where we will verify your items. At this time you will also receive any items valued at $10 or more back.
  • On the way out you will also want to visit the lost and found area to be sure none of your items became separated or were rejected for some reason by our event staff.

Once you arrive home after the sale

Once you get home, you may wish to reconcile your sold items valued at $10 and more, versus any unsold items. The reports are available to you via our inventory system. If you find a discrepancy (in these $10 or more items) please alert Little Duckling Sale via our Missing Items Form. This process must be completed by you by 11pm EST the day following the sale.

Thank you. We will do our best to return your email in a timely fashion. Please keep in the event week is a very busy time for us so messages during the event week and the days following can take a bit longer for us to reply to.

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