Unsold Items Pickup & Donation


Shortly after the sale is completed, we will have your unsold items available for pickup. Our Sale Schedule lists the time you may begin arriving to pickup your unsold items.

A few housekeeping notes

  • You or a designated individual can pick up your items. You may have someone pick up your items for you, but you must give them a note with your consignor number, your name and the name of the person picking up. Have the note state that you give permission for them to pick up any unsold items on your behalf and then sign the note. Please remember that sending someone to pick up your items means this person is unfamiliar with what things they are looking for and can often miss picking up something.
  • Sorry, no early pickups are permitted
  • In the event that you or your delegate does not arrive during pickup, your unsold items will be donated.

What to do/bring with you

  • On Saturday you may look at and print if you like your unsold items list. Reports will be upload at 3pm on Saturday. Remember items rejected at check-in will still appear on this list.
  • Bring Containers (totes, bags, et cetera) to carry your unsold items.
  • If you have unsold furniture, please bring tools to if you need to disassemble your items. Little Duckling Sale is not able to provide tools for you.

What to do once you arrive for pickup

  • When you arrive, check in at the table by the entrance for your check out staging area.
  • Check the sales floor for your unsold items and place them in your staging area.
  • Once you have collected your unsold items, call over a checkout volunteer who will double check your items.
  • Be sure to check the lost tag area for any items that might be yours. If you have a missing item, check the lost tag area, check the other sizes to see if it got put into a wrong size or into a wrong category section.
  • Once your items have been checked, take your check out slip to the register to receive your Consignor Check
  • If there are no missing $15 or more items to report, and your consignor percentage is correct, you will receive your consignor check that day. If you have a discrepancy you will be instructed to complete an online form and payment will be sent via PayPal within a week of the event.
  • Once you receive your check you can take your items to your car and we will see you next season!


Remember, all unsold items not picked up by 7:00pm on Saturday become the property of Little Duckling and will be donated to charity.

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