How to Transfer Items from a Previous Little Duckling Sale

Note: These instructions will only work when transferring items from a sale that uses My Consignment Manager as the Inventory and Point of Sale system. This is the system that Little Duckling Sale & Expo utilizes. Although you may transfer items any other sale that utilizes My Consignment Manager these instructions are intended for Consignors that have previously registered with a Little Duckling Sale. If you are transferring items from another (non Little Duckling Sale), please see the additional note at the bottom of this page.

Instructions for Consignors whom have previously registered with Little Duckling

To facilitate these instructions we have provided this video tutorial.

Steps to follow for transferring your items

    1. Register as a Consignor for our current Little Duckling Sale & Expo. Once payment is processed, please proceed to step two.
    2. Initiate the Items Transfer process with this link only.
    3. After you have successfully logged in, you should see a table with both our previous (closed) sales and current (active) sale listed. If you do not see at least two sales listed, one closed and one active, your registration with the current sale is not yet completed.

Please complete the registration process in Step One above, or contact Little Duckling Sale for assistance; before proceeding.

4. In the navigation, click Manage Inventory.
You should now be on the Manage Inventory Page.

Manage Inventory Step 4

a. Choose a consignment to work on: (select the prior sale you desire to transfer inventory FROM)
b. Once the screen refreshes, you will see the Consignment (sale) Field updated with the corresponding sale you selected.
c. Click the ‘Transfer Items” tab.

Manage Inventory Step 5

a. Within the “Transfer Items” tab, select a Target Consignment (sale). This will be our current Sale that you have registered for and desire to transfer your unsold items into.
b. Under the Filter Criteria, next to “Consignment” is “Status”, change the Status to “NOT Sold”.
c. Click the “Refresh” button. You should now ONLY see listed the items which did not sell from the previous Little Duckling Sale.

Manage Inventory Step 6

a. Individually mark, or click the “check all” box which is directly above the “Refresh” button. This will mark the items that you desire to transfer into the new sale.
b. In the ‘Transfer Items” tab, click the button “3) Transfer Selected Item(s) to Target Consignment Now”

Manage Inventory Step 7

Please note that if you have more than 100 unsold items that you desire to transfer, you will need to repeat step 7 until all of the items you desire to transfer into our current sale, are no longer available to choose.

Additional Note for transferring from a non Little Duckling Sale


The MOST important thing to understand about transferring your items from a non Little Duckling Sale is that the Seller Number on the item tags MUST match the number that you are registered with. If your Seller Number (from another sale) is the exact same on the Item Tags (from another sale) and your newly assigned Seller Number via Little Duckling Sale & Expo, then everything will work perfectly and you do not need to reprint or retag your items.

If your newly assigned Seller Number is not the same as your previously registered My Consignment Manager number, than you will need to contact Little Duckling Sale to see if your previously registered Seller Number is available with us. If you are not able to obtain the same Seller Number from us, you will have reprint and retag your items.

If your number does not match exactly, but has at least the ‘root’ seller number (includes zeros in front of your number), then it will still work, but you will need to make some decisions.

For example, if you have 0013 on your tags now and then with Little Duckling Sale you are 13 then you have the same ‘root’ seller number. But since your numbers do not match exactly, then you must decide which is more important to you.

  1. to not have to reprint and retag OR
  2. to keep your online settlement benefits

If you choose Option One (#1) which is to transfer and not reprint, then you forfeit two online benefits for those tags….

a) you won’t be able to see what sold each night in the View Settlement Report feature AND
b) those items won’t be able to be ‘marked’ sold (but you will still be paid for the items).

If you choose Option Two (#2) to keep your online settlement benefits, then you will have to reprint and retag.

Finally, if you have two totally different seller numbers on the tag and registered at the Little Duckling Sale, then youMUST reprint and retag your items. Before you resort to this option, you should contact Little Duckling and see if the seller number on your previous non Little Duckling Sale tags is available so we can change your number to the number on your tags.

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