Pricing & Tagging Items

What should I price my items at?

As a Consignor you get to choose the price for each of your items!

When pricing, keep in mind how much you would pay for this item in its current condition (minus the sentimental exponent).

Also remember that the final day of the sale is Half-Price Day.

You may choose whether to discount your items or not. This is completely up to you, but definitely encouraged as our sale statistics show that consignors who discount, sell more and therefore earn more!!

Contrary to what you may be thinking, items that are marked “Discount: Yes” sell better before Half-Price Day as Shoppers don’t want to risk loosing the item to another shopper before it is discounted.

Little Duckling Sale Tagging and Pricing

General Pricing Guidelines

(Click on image for brand specific details)

Little Duckling recommends pricing your clothing items between 25-30% of the original retail price.

Baby gear, toys and some accessories may sell for up to 40%-60% of retail.

Here is a helpful guide from Consignment Mommies on resale prices for gently used and like new clothing:


Entering Items Into Database

Follow the instructions in this video which guides you through inputting your items.

How Do I Tag My Items?

(Consignor Supply Checklist)


The tags generate as a PDF file so you need to have access to a printer. If you do not have a printer at home, the PDF file can be taken to a friend/relative’s house that will let you use their printer or you print at Staples or another local office store/copy center.


We recommend 32# paper. You can purchase 40 sheets from us for $4 which is enough for 320 tags. Paper is available via reservation at Hanger Pick-up. Or, you can buy an entire ream such as this one at Staples.

Scissors or Paper Cutter

You will need to cut out your tags after they have printed. These print 8 to one page.

Pro Tip: While not required, our seasoned Consignors will tell you “an investment in a paper cutter is time well saved”. We like this paper cutter.

Tagging Gun or Safety Pins

While we accept tags attached with Safety Pins, you know that one item you wished you had?!?

Yep…a tagging gun is it!

Pro Tip: This small investment is worth every penny, even for the first time consignor. This will save your fingers, your time, and your sanity. We recommend this tagging gun as it comes with barbs.

Zip Ties

Zip Ties come is handy for latching together shoes and attaching tags to larger items. You can get these just about anywhere. Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and even at Dollar Tree.

Painters Tape

Use this to attach tags to books, puzzle and game boxes, and even outdoor play items (although zip ties work well here too).

Pro Tip: Do not buy cheap painters tape. The adhesive is worthless. Go to Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart and buy a brand name! 

Ziplock Baggies

These are great for keeping loose parts of toys and accessories together. Use zip ties and/or painter’s tape to secure the baggies to the other items.

Pro Tip: Don’t just think of smaller “sandwich” baggies. You can get very large heavy duty storage bags at Dollar Tree that are big enough to put entire games, building block sets, et cetera into. Ultimately this will help the presentation of your items as well as keep them together so nothing is lost. You can then tape the tag on the inside of the bag (facing out so it is readable). A better presentation helps your items to sell and at a higher price. 

Little Duckling Sale What Direction to Hang Clothes on Hanger


As a courtesy to our Shoppers we require our Consignors to hang clothing items with clothing articles front facing. Think of it as the hanger forming a Question Mark.

This makes it easy for our Shoppers to thumb through items and find yours to buy!

Pro Tip: Attach your tags to the left side of clothing items to make it easy for Shoppers to locate your tag.

Bonus Pro Tip: Be sure to register for one of our Hanger Pickups to pick-up the hangers you will need for the sale. There is no fee for this service. 

Click button below to sign-up for Hangers:

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