Christie didn’t know about consignment sales before she found Little Duckling Sale & Expo, but she doesn’t know how she lived without it. This super mom has her hands full taking care of Austin, 7, and chasing after her 2-year old twins, Sophie and Marlie, and their two cats, Honey and Eldo, especially now that she’s 13-weeks pregnant.

Christie has consigned and volunteered at the past two Little Duckling sales. Consigning increased her family’s income, and decreased the clutter around the house. Christie volunteered every day of the sale, which awarded her the highest payout for her items.

Volunteering at the sale is also a great way to get connected to the community and meet other mothers.

Christie also loves that the fall sale comes just in time for Christmas, and the spring sale, just in time for birthdays. She will be keeping her eyes out for anything Sesame Street for her girls, and Cars, the movie, for Austin.

 “When I shop, I always look for the next size up, or the next season,”  Christie says.

While the twins have always been “peanuts,” Austin will soon be taller than his mom! His gift for growing is one of the reasons Christie shops the consignment sale. Children grow too fast to buy full-priced clothing.

Because she’s been a consignor two times before, Christie has the process down to an art.

 “Naptime is very precious,” Christie says.

She uses this time to gather items, especially the toys, while the girls are asleep, unable to make any claims on items that had moments before been long forgotten.

This year Little Duckling is more important than ever. At 23 months, Austin there 7 year old was showing signs of autism. He wasn’t talking and seemed afraid of other children. After doctors appointments and tests, his autism was confirmed. Just last week he was also diagnosed with ADHD.

Austin needs a service dog, and Christie and Joey are doing everything they can to make it happen. They located a dog in Orlando, which includes a two-week training program at the end of October, which will cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

This service dog will go anywhere and everywhere with Austin. The dog will bring many benefits:

  •  Provide anxiety relief
  • Keep Austin grounded in stressful situations
  • Prevent self-injurious behavior
  • Keep Austin from wandering, a tendency that proves a constant worry for Christie and Joey
  • Provide deep pressure therapy
  • Help with speech development because Austin will need to learn commands

The money they make from Little Duckling will go into their fund. They also ask donations from family and friends and those who are willing.

They’ve created a Facebook page for their dream: 4 Paws for Austin. Visit it to find out more information about how you can help.

You can also help by shopping Christie’s items at Little Duckling Sale & Expo.

The sale takes place at Central Christian Church on Sept. 25, 26 and 27.

Go to for more details or to register to be a consignor like Christie.

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