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When and where is the Sale?




We hold are children’s consignment sales twice a year. In the Spring and in the Fall. We hold our consignment sales at local venues, such as a church, within the community. Our Spring 2019 is April 11th-13th at Living Waters Worship Center. Please visit our Shoppers page for times, location, and directions.


What forms of payments do you accept at the Sale?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as Apple, Samsung, and Android Pay with Photo ID. We do not accept checks.

Little Duckling Forms of Payment - Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover

Little Duckling Forms of Payment - Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay


Who gets to shop at the Consignor and Volunteer Pre-Sale?

Consignors are invited to shop the Wednesday Evening Pre-Sale. By participating in this Pre-Sale you get first pick of all the items for sale! While all Consignors are able to come to the Pre-Sale, if you are a Consignor Volunteer, you are allowed into the Pre-Sale even earlier than everyone else! It’s simple really…when you volunteer for more shifts, you get in earlier and earlier.

If you want to become a Consignor, sign up here.

There is a second presale event on Friday Evening from 6-8pm for Volunteers who volunteer 6+ hours during the event week. During this Pre-Sale, items marked “Discount: Yes” will be half off.

How do I become a Consignor?


If you are interested in consigning with Little Duckling Sale, please complete the Consignor Registration. There is a $12 Consignor Fee (prior to March 1st, $18 after) a portion of which is donated to a local charity helping growing families Women’s Pregnancy Center in Ocala.  Again, to register as a Consignor, please CLICK HERE.



Why is there a Consignor Registration Fee?

  The Consignor Registration Fee pays for your license to use the tagging system to enter items.  

How do I pay the Consignor Registration Fee?

  Little Duckling Sale uses PayPal to process the Consignor Registration Fee at the time of registration. Once your Paypal payment has been completed and PayPal notifies our servers that payment has cleared (usually instantly but at times of high volume there can be a delay), your registration will be approved and the system will allow you to log into your Consignor Account. Please note that you are not required to have a PayPal account. You may check out as a Guest using a Debit or Credit card within the PayPal Payment Form, however, Consignor Earnings are paid via PayPal. If you would like to register with a different payment method, please contact us.  

As a Consignor how much can I earn?

  That is up to you! (Don’t you love being in control?) 🙂

  • Consignors earn 60% of the revenue of their items that sell.
  • As a Consignor, if you volunteer 6 or more hours during the sale week, you will earn 70% of your items that sell.
  • Consignors who volunteer 10 or more hours earn 75% of their items sold.

Our average consignor check is $275 and our top consignors earn over $1,800. That’s a mortgage payment for some!    

When should I expect to receive the earnings from my sales?

Little Duckling Sale will pay consignors within 10 business days post sale via PayPal into the PayPal Account you provide.  Consignors who are present at Consignor Pickup and that do not have any discrepancies with their settlement report may opt to receive their earnings in the form of a check at Consignor Pickup. 

What items do you accept?

For a complete listing of acceptable items and pricing recommendations, please review our Consignor Guidelines here.  

How many items can I sell?

In order to consign with Little Duckling Sale you must have a minimum of 50 items. We desire to sell quality items over quantity. We encourage you to list items that are of a quality that you would be willing to purchase again. If you will be consigning more than 250 items, you will need to obtain prior approval so that we can increase your account limit within our database. Please contact us to obtain this approval.    

How do you know which items in the sale are mine?

All of your items are “tagged” with a barcode that is unique to your Consignor Account and your items. You the individual are anonymous. Nice and secure! Once you have registered as a Consignor, you can begin entering your items into our database. Every item you sell at Little Duckling must be tagged via our bar-code tagging system. For assistance with tagging please Click Here to read our complete tagging instructions.    

Do you offer a tagging service?

Yes, we do. It’s called VIP Tagging and we accept a select number of VIP Consignors each season. To be considered for this service, apply here.      

Are there additional fees involved in the VIP Tagging Service?



Each season we take on a select number of VIP Tagging Clients. At this time there is no additional fee for this service.


How much should I sell my items for?

As a Consignor you get to choose how much you want each of your items to be priced at. For details and recommendations please visit our Pricing and Tagging Guidelines.  

When can I bring my items to the sale?

As a Consignor, you will sign up in your Consignor Account for a convenient drop-off appointment which is typically a day or two before the sale. You should plan 25-30 minutes to drop-off your items. If you are using our VIP Tagging Service we will take care of this for you! During Drop-Off a volunteer will look over your items and once clear you can place your items in the marked designated areas. As per our Items Guidelines, we will not accept any items with stains, rips, missing or broken parts or items that are outdated or recalled. This is in order to maintain the highest quality shopping experience for Little Duckling Sale customers. Log-in to your Consignor Account to schedule a drop-off appointment.  

What happens if my items do not sell?


  • You may choose to pick up your unsold items or donate them to our Charity Benefactor Organization(s).
  • All unsold items must be picked up on Saturday the last day of the sale, see the schedule.
  • Any unclaimed items will become the property of Little Duckling Sale and will be donated to our Charity Benefactor Organization(s)


How will I know which items have sold and which have not?

After the sale is completed, and daily for the previous night’s close, you will be able to see which of your items sold in your Consignor Account.    

How can I promote my business or group with the Little Duckling Sale?

We have several opportunities to share your business or group with the Little Duckling audience via Sponsorship or our Vendor Expo, please click here to learn how to become a Vendor or Sponsor.  

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