Out with the old, in with the new. That’s how the saying goes, right?  Now with the all the buzz about thrift stores and consignment. Old is the new, well, new. Being able to clean out your closet, pocket some extra cash, and get some like new toys for just a few bucks? Priceless.

That cute Gymboree outfit that doesn’t fit your son anymore? What about that double stroller your daughter refused to ever sit in?! Or even the forgotten playhouse she begged you to get just six months ago? Selling is as easy as pie. And I don’t mean homemade, I mean the store-bought kind. Facebook selling groups and other online meet-ups makes it possible.

There are hundreds of Facebook groups made for buying and selling items with others online. Nearly every city has one or multiple of these groups.

How to do it

Join the group. Post your item on the page with a photo and a price. Identify a buyer.

Then tell this nice-looking stranger:

  1. Exactly where to meet them.
  2. Exactly when to meet them.
  3. Exactly how much cash to bring.
  4. Exactly what kind of car they will be driving.

Wait a minute.

How far are people willing to go to get a little extra cash?

People have fallen into a false sense of security online.

We think that because this person has a nice smile in their profile picture they are a nice person, when really there is no way to tell. We throw out our personal information right and left, often unconcerned or unaware of who can see it.

A “closed” Facebook group may mean you have to be in the group to see information, but hundreds, and often thousands, of people can be part of these groups. Look at this screenshot below.

FB example

Everyone in the group can see the details of this transaction. Additionally, anyone in the group can also click on this woman’s profile and see:

  • She has two beautiful little girls
  • From their first day of school picture that one is in kindergarten and the other is just starting second grade
  • The name of her children’s school.
  • Where she works
  • The area of town they live in
  • That she is a single mother
  • And that she goes to the Y on Thursday evening, in the blue Ford minivan she mentioned in her post…

All this information…and a gently used Doc McStuffins doctor kit, at the low, low price of $5, folks!


“That’s not me”, you say… Are you sure? Have you kept up to date with all the policy changes on Facebook? Are you 100% sure that your personal information is 100% secure and NOT visible with minor (let alone advanced) sleuthing?

Seasonal Consignment Sales are your safe alternative

You may have a tight budget. You may need the extra cash. Five dollars may really make a difference. But is it really worth it to put our families at risk?

The good news is that there is another option: Seasonal Kid’s Consignment Sales.

No matter how convenient it is to find a buyer from your computer at home, it’s just as easy to prepare your items for sale at a consignment sale. Most sales take place twice a year and in contrast to consignment stores,  sales allow consignors to price their own items and in turn consignors receive 65% or more of the sale price.

Consignors don’t even have to be present at the sale and best of all, the seasonal sales that use online inventory systems show no personal identifying information on consignment sales tags.  Sure beats meeting a stranger in a parking lot!

Seasonal kids consignment sales provide a safe and trustworthy environment to sell your kid’s like new and gently used items.

So I ask again, how far are you willing to go to get a little extra cash? Literally. Next time you are cleaning out the closet, find a Seasonal Consignment Sale near you, your family is worth it!

P.S. $5?!? Most Sale operators I know write consignor checks in the hundreds of dollars…some power consignors even earn over $1000 per sale…TWICE a year or more!

Stacey Ansley is a wife, mother, and business owner. Together with her husband, Stacey owns and operates four successful businesses. One of which is Little Duckling Sale, a twice yearly kids consignment sale & expo located in Ocala, Florida. When Stacey isn’t prepping for the next consignment sale, she coaches women in the area of entrepreneurship and business development.


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