Check In & Drop Off


What to expect

Approximately one month before the sale you will log-in to your consignor account and select a convenient drop-off time. Please plan to arrive at your selected drop-off  5 minutes early.

  • Unloading – there is a loading zone close to the doors you may park here.
  • Check-in – come inside and please check in at the Consignor Check-in Desk. You will be assigned a friendly volunteer who will walk you through the check-in process.
  • Unload – We will have several rolling racks for clothing and bins for larger items. Your assigned volunteer will assist you in unloading. However, if you have lots of items or larger items we would ask that you please also bring assistance with you.  If you bring furniture that requires assembly you will be responsible to bring any dollies or tools necessary for assembly. Event staff will not be able to assist with assembling items and items must be assembled.
  • Inventory check-in and quality control –  To help speed-up your check-in process and ensure we are able to get through all consignors as quickly as possible, please group clothing in like genders and sizes and keep separate all items that are tagged $15 and above. Items will be checked against our acceptable items standards and may be pulled from the sales floor at anytime.
  • Car Seat and Crib Checklists– If you are selling a car seat or crib please have these forms completed so you can turn them in at check-in.
  • Placing items on the sales floor –  One your items have been checked you will be cleared to place all your items on the sales floor.When the above is completed you are free to leave. The entire check-in process will take 20-30 mins.

Should you find it necessary to bring your children to the drop-off, please know that it is your responsibility to keep them with you at all times.

How to Register for a Drop Off Time


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