Sell Your Kids' Like New & Gently Used Clothing, Toys and Accessories!

Consignor Registration Now Open!

Twice yearly, Little Duckling holds a kids consignment sale and expo! You (and hundreds of families like yours) have the opportunity to pass on quality items and earn cash for the items your children have outgrown or no longer use.

Little Duckling, Ocala’s twice yearly kids consignment sale and expo, offers a hassle-free, modern-day solution to the safety issues of selling via Craigslist, Ocala4Sale, or other venues. Our professional and personable staff provides a clean facility, advertising and accountability to help sell your quality items at earnings greater than you would receive at a consignment shop.

Based on a consignment model, you the Consignor can earn 60%-75% of your sold items! Plus you have the opportunity to donate your unsold items to our Charity Benefactor Organization(s) or retain them to try and sell at our next Little Duckling Sale!

Register to Consign

Consignor Registration for Spring 2019 is now OPEN!
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How Consigning with Little Duckling Works

It's Super Easy and Fun...Especially When You Get That Phatty Check!

Step One


(A $12 Registration Fee Applies – $18 after 3/15)

Want us to do the work for you?

All of our Consignors are¬†very important people. Some, however, request a little extra love and would prefer us to do the work for them. ūüôā If this is you, you will want to inquire about our VIP Tagging Service.

Step Two

Organize & Clean Items

Like New & Gently Used Items in sizes Newborn – Junior 14 Clothes, Toys, Games, Books, Sporting Equipment, Bikes, Strollers, Accessories, and more. Little Duckling Sale Acceptable Items List.

Step Three

Price & Tag Items

The Little Duckling website is full of resources to help you be successful as a Consignor. We recommend you start here with Pricing and Tagging with Little Duckling Sale and Expo. (After you register of course!)


Step Four

Drop Off Items

(You do not have to be present to sell)


Are we having fun yet? You should be because you are one step away from collecting your check! Our average Consignor Check is $350 and our top consignors from the last Little Duckling Sale brought home over $1,800. You can do this too! (But you have to be registered of course!)

Once you have registered you just need to sign-up for a time to drop off your items the week of the sale.


Money, Money, Money, Money, Money!

(Say it real fast like the song!)

It’s all about the Benjamins baby!

This is the home stretch…actually…you have already played the game and you won!

We sold your items for you and now you get to reap the rewards!

You will get your money via Direct Deposit (through PayPal) the week following the sale (as soon as all the funds clear our account and reconcile, you will be paid)!

Have questions before you register to consign? Then check out our Frequently Asked Questions about Little Duckling Sale and Expo or simply Contact Little Duckling Sale and Expo.

We are here to serve you!

Ready to go?! Awesome!

Are you a...

Or we do the work for you...

Need Help Registering? Watch the Below Video!

(Or Contact Us)

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