This was my first time [consigning] and it was awesome!


Loved it! Everything was so well organized. I will be consigning again next sale for sure!


The entire process was explained well and my items nearly all sold. Already setting aside items for the next sale!


This was my second time consigning and I’ve got the system done. See you next sale!


As you prepare to enter and tag your kid’s clothing, toys and accessories, please first review this list of acceptable items.

Please note that there is a Consignor Minimum of 50 items and a maximum of 250. We desire to sell quality over quantity, if you need more than 250 items, please contact us

Acceptable Items

  • Toys must be clean (inside and out), have all parts, and be in good working order.
    • Outdoors toys such as sandboxes, water tables, bikes, riding toys, play houses, slides, kiddie pools, and climbers. Items that are cracked, damaged, or faded due to exposure to the elements will not be accepted.
    • All electronic toys must be in working condition and have fresh batteries!
  • Stuffed animals that “do something” (they are electronic and therefore would be classified as a toy above)
  • Baby Items including walkers, strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats, swings, toddler beds and mattresses, boosters, pack-n-plays, equipment, accessories, et cetera.
  • Nursery, Bedding, and Decor geared towards children Middle School age or younger
    • Accessories, Lamps, et cetera must have light bulbs and batteries (if needed) in order that they may be tested.
    • Crib bumpers must be breathable
  • Family Games and Puzzles must have all pieces and parts.
  • Books, CD’s, VHS and DVD’s for children up to Middle School, as well as mommy and maternity related items.  VHS, DVD’s and CD’s must be in their original cases.
  • Car Seats that have been manufactured within the last 5 years. Likewise they must not have been in any accident of any sort. Cover and belts must be free of debris (pet hair, food, et cetera), clean (no stains) and smell fresh. A copy of the manufacturer’s instructions must accompany each car seat. To obtain these instructions, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and download them, then print a copy and attach it to the car seat. The car seat must be free of recall. A Car Seat Checklist must accompany every car seat. Please download this checklist and bring it with you at check-in/drop-off.
  • Children’s Furniture that has been manufactured within the last 5 years and is fully assembled (even NIB must be assembled). Please check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website and ensure your item has not been recalled.
    • Little Duckling Sale will only accept cribs that were manufactured on or after June 28, 2011. Cribs manufactured from July 23, 2010 to June 28, 2011 may be consigned if the consignor provides a certificate of compliance from the crib manufacturer or retailer. Cribs manufactured prior to July 23, 2010 will not be accepted under any circumstance. Please complete this Crib Checklist and bring it with you to Consignor Drop-Off.
  • Clothing sizes newborn through children’s 14.
    • Check for excessive wear, stains, holes in seams, rips, etc. We encourage you to clean, press and present all items in a way that increases the likelihood of a sale. Presentation is important! Since you price your own items, you determine how much money you make based on how many items you bring, how reasonably you price them and, most importantly, the quality of the item. We recommend pricing your clothing items 25-30% of the original retail price. However, remember lower priced items do have a better chance of selling.
    • Cloth diapers and accessories that are unstained.
    • Undergarments must be like new. No “gently used” will be accepted 🙂
  • Bibs, Hats, and Socks try to bundle like items together.
  • Dress Up Costumes
    • The Fall sale(s) are around Halloween and these are sure to be a big sellers.  Make sure to closely inspect their condition as they will be held to the same quality standards. The costumes will be displayed on a dedicated rack at the sale.
  • Children’s Athletic Gear, Sports Wear, and Dance
  • Quality Maternity Clothing & Items
    • High quality and fashionable clothing is accepted in sizes XS-XL. We also accept belly bands, back supports and other maternity items.
  • Shoes must be clean and in excellent condition. No visible wear or tear of any kind! Dance shoes will also be accepted.

 If your item is missing from the list of categories above, please contact us to inquire about approval

Items That Are Not Accepted

Please note items will be inspected at drop off to ensure they are like new or gently used. Additionally Little Duckling reserves the right to reject items (at any time during the sale) should it be determined they are not in sell-able condition.

Clothing items should be free of stains, smell fresh, and have little wear. Buttons and zippers should be present and in working order!

Toys, strollers, high chairs, swings, bikes, accessories, et cetera should be in working order and as clean as possible. If it requires a battery, please ensure you have fresh batteries installed.

Above all Little Duckling Sale & Expo is dedicated to safety! It is our intention to only sell items that are safe and have that have not been recalled. It is the responsibility of our Consignors to ensure that all of their items are not recalled and meet all safety standards.

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